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Hajime Kimura is a Japanese photographer born in 1982. He was raised in Chiba prefecture just outside Tokyo. Having studied architecture and anthropology at University, he began his career in 2006.  He participated at the World Press Photo Joop swart masterclass in Amsterdam in 2012. Early 2013, Hajime was awarded the 2nd prize at the Vattenfall Photo Award in Berlin. In 2014 he won the 3rd prize of Kassel photobook dummy award in Germany, and the book “ Scrapbook” was published in 2015. In recent, he published 2 handmade books "In search of lost memories" and "Snowflakes Dog Man". Also, his works have been widely featured in a number of magazines including TIME, The New York Times, Le Monde magazine and Newsweek Japan. Since 2016, he has been based in Germany for his long-term project. His work centres around the examination of his own thoughts and emotions in relationship to the people and landscapes in his photography.



2016.11 "Path In Between", L'Artiere Edizioni, Paris, France

2015.05 “Snowflakes dog man”, Self-making, Reminders photography stronghold, Tokyo

2015.11 "In search of lost memories", Self-making, Reminders photography stronghold, Tokyo

2015.06 "scrap book", Verlag Kettler, Dortmund, Germany

2014.08 "TOKYO ETUDE", Self-making

2012.10 “KODAMA”, Mado-sha, Tokyo, Japan

Award & Grant

2016.05 "One year grant" by POLA Art Foundation, Tokyo, Japan.

2015.05 "One year grant" by the Agency for Japan Cultural Affairs, Ministry of Culture, Tokyo, Japan

2014.08 "3rd prize", Kassel photo book dummy award, Kassel, Germany

2014.05 “Kiyosato young portfolio 2014”, Yamanashi, Japan

2013.11 “Top50”, Photolucida Critical Mass 2013, Portland, USA

2013.10 “1st prize”, IPA Photobook Asia award, Singapore

2013.09 “Unseen photobook award 2013” Finalist, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2013.06 “Special award”, Konica Minolta FOTO PREMIO, Tokyo, Japan

2013.05 “Honorable mention”, Fotovisura grant, USA

2013.03 “Honorable mention”, Format13, Derby, UK

2013.01 “2nd prize”, Vattenfall photo award, Berlin, Germany

2012.11 “Kyushu Sangyo university prize”, Ueno Hikoma Awards, Fukuoka, Japan

2012.10 World Press Photo Joop Swart Masterclass, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2012.06 “FOTO VISURA select award” Kuala Lumpur International Photo Award, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2011.11 “Japan society for art of photography prize”, Ueno Hikoma Award, Fukuoka, Japan

2011.08 “TDPW (Tokyo Documentary Photo Workshop) Scholarship”, Tokyo, Japan


2018.06 Group Exhibition "Tsuka 塚”, The Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne

2017.09 Group Exhibition "FLÂNEUR - NEW URBAN NARRATIVES", Torres Vedras, Portugal

2017.02 Group Exhibition "Golden Record", Fotogalleriet, Oslo, Norway

2016.09 Group Exhibition "Man and dog", Tobilishi Photo Festival, Georgia

2016.06 Book exhibition "In search of lost memories", Photobook Bristol, UK

2015.11 Solo exhibition "In search of lost memories", Reminders photography stronghold, Tokyo

2015.06 Book exhibition "Scrapbook", Lugano photo days, Lugano, Switzerland

2015.06 Projection "Changjiang", Fotobookfestival Kassel, Kassel, Germany

2015.05 Projection "Changjiang", FOTOSEMANA, Manila, Philippines

2015.02 Group Exhibition “The Russian moment”, Worker and Kolkhoz Woman Museum and Exhibition Center, Moscow, Russia

2014.09 Group Exhibition "Man and dog" and "Path in between", Galerie-T, Paris, France

2014.08 Group Exhibition "Man and dog" and "Path in between", OBSCURA Festival, Penang, Malaysia

2014.08 Group Exhibition “Devotion”, White Box MAP Publika, Kuala lumpur, Malaysia

2014.05 Group Exhibition “KODAMA”, Kiyosato photo art museum, Yamanashi, Japan

2014.04 Group Exhibition “Nature in Tokyo”, Kyotographie 2014, Kodokan, Kyoto, Japan

2014.04 Group Exhibition “Arte Laguna Prize13.14”, Venice Arsenale, Italy

2014.03 Group Exhibition “Tracks", CordenPotts Gallery, San Francisco, USA

2013.12 Group Exhibition “Unfolding Images”, The Contemporary Arts Center New Orleans, USA

2013.11 Projection “Things we never know”, Mt. Rokko International Photo festival, Kobe, Japan

2013.10 Group Exhibition “the backpage revisited”, Reminders photography stronghold, Tokyo

2013.10 Projection “Things we never know” Delhi photo festival, New Delhi, India

2013.09 Group Exhibition “Changjiang”, Unseen photobook award 2013, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2013.09 Group Exhibition “The Russian Moment” Russian Museum’s Marble Palace, St. Petersburg, Russia

2013.08 Group Exhibition “MATAGI” PCO International Photo Exhibition, Guizhou, China

2013.07 Group Exhibition “Tracks”, The Photographic Museum of Humanity, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2013.06 Projection “Things we never know”, Obscura festival, Penang, Malaysia

2013.06 Group Exhibition “Yamadachi”, Konica Minolta Plaza, Tokyo, Japan

2013.06 Projection “MATAGI”, LOOK3, Charlottesville, VA, USA

2013.04 Group Exhibition “KODAMA”, Theory of clouds, Kobe, Japan

2013.03 Group Exhibition “Tracks” Format13, Derby, UK

2013.02 Group Exhibition “KODAMA”, Bloom gallery, Osaka, Japan

2013.01 Group Exhibition “His Traces”, C/O Berlin, Berlin, Germany

2012.12 Solo Exhibition “KODAMA”, Reminders photography stronghold, Tokyo

2012.12 Projection "MATAGI", Angkor photo festival, Siem reap, Cambodia

2012.11 Group Exhibition “Ueno Hikoma Awards Exhibition”, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum, Tokyo, Japan

2012.10 Projection "Man and dog", Bursa photo festival, Bursa, Turkey

2012.06 Solo Exhibition “Yamadachi”, Konica Minolta Plaza, Tokyo

2011.12 Projection "Solitary", Angkor photo festival, Siem Reap, Cambodia

2011.11 Group Exhibition “Ueno Hikoma Awards Exhibition”, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum, Tokyo, Japan

2011.10 Projection "Solitary project", Bursa photo festival, Bursa, Turkey


TIME, The New York Times, CNN, Newsweeek, Le Monde Magazine, Courrier international, Boston Globe, Esquire, npr, AERA, Kazeno-Tabibito, BKN Magazine etc

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