In search of lost memories - Hajime Kimura

It was in January of this year when I realized that I lost my memory. When I found my family album during cleaning a closet. That was the trigger. I have dimmed, but partial memory before my mother died, when I was 16 years old. I do have some memories, but they are not necessarily the ones in the photographs. Those memories seem to be correct, my sister says. Though, few family memories are remembered when I was 16 years old to 29 years old. Especially memories when I was 29 years old is lacking, even it’s just 4 years ago. Those photos were taken just before 3 months my father died. Come to think of it now, at the time I may try to imprint by force the fact that I was there by confirming those photos. I lost my memory totally but I pretend to remember, pretend to recognize the photos because they have become an imitation memory for me. I couldn’t remember most of the images. Seeing photos that I may shoot, I tell myself that my father really died. After a few years later he died, I started trace his foot prints. I thought it was the very only way to reduce the distance between him and me.

33 editions

216 pages (A6 size, 20cm x 14cm x 2.7cm)

All archival pigment digital print, 55 pages of text of Kimura’s autobiographical memory which is an essential part of this book

Photography, text and binding by Hajime Kimura

Concept, storyline and art direction by Yumi Goto

Translation and proof reading by Alisha Sett / Taro Karibe / Kazuhiko Matsumura / Tom White

In collaboration with Reminders Photography Stronghold 2015

Price: Sold out

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