scrapbook - Hajime Kimura

The »Scrapbook« of Hajime Kimura is inspired by a notebook he used documenting his stays in a village located at the border of the Nigata and Yamagata prefectures from 2007 to 2014. Comprising raw image clippings and sketches gives it a unique approach to the photographers comprehension of the time he spent with the Matagi - a japanese tribe with it's alas fast vanishing tradtions living in that remote mountain area.

»The river at the bottom of the ravine was half frozen. The bear they shot was a mother bear. Dark red blood was dripping into the fresh snow.«

For a long time now Kimura has followed the life of the Matagi. 10 years ago he'd bumped at a library into a folklore book depicting rural scenes of Japan in the 80's. Having been raised in a dormitory suburb of Tokyo planted a deep yearning in his soul for this part of the country.

»Kodama« Kimura's altogether first Photobook with it's mythical images was shot in that area.

Hard cover: 148 pages, 220 images

Size: 120mm x 210mm x 20mm

Language: English, Japanese

Publisher: Verlag Kettler (Germany)

Publish date: June 1, 2015

Edition: 500 (100 signed)

ISBN: 978-3862064861

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