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This photo book is an imaginary story set in TressVedras, Portugal, where is famous for 'archaeology' and 'excavation'. As the topography of a place has a great influence on its formation, this area has been once a sea and has been repeatedly uplifted to its present form. The Sizandro River, which comes from the Atlantic Ocean, crosses the center of the plateau and leads to the city center. I had the opportunity to stay here for about a month to create work. However, as I wondered what I would create in a place with which I had no connection, I came up with a hypothesis that I could associate with the words "archaeology" and "excavation": even after our generation has passed away, the excavation work will continue to be carried out quietly for another 100 or 1,000 years.

I thought that even the rubbish on the ground that we don't pay attention to, or the flora and fauna of today, could be the subject of archaeological research in the distant future. I brought a small printer to the site and submerged the image just after printing it in the Sisandro River and the Atlantic Ocean water for a few minutes. I wanted to incorporate something related to the topography of the place into the process of image-making. I also thought that by putting things found in places that were once underwater back in the water again, I could take time back to the past.

The organization of the book consists mainly of photographs of the waste, its flora and fauna, and the place where they were found. Covering the pages of the hidden 'finds', the other page indicates the latitude, longitude, and time of the location. The book's cover and the paper used are mainly recycled paper.

The two letters in the appendix as footprints of correspondence written by someone in the present day to someone in the past and the future, illustrate another theme of the book " time " in a different way, ultimately suggesting that these letters and even the book itself may be the object of someone's excavation somewhere in the distant future.



Number of pages: 70 pages
Size: 230 x 170 x 15 mm (Handmade edition) + 2 detached letters and 1 parking ticket

         230 x 160 x 15 mm (Normal edition)
Edition:  40  (Handmade edition)

             450  (Normal edition)

Year: July 2022

Publisher: the (M) éditions + IBASHO gallery

If you're interested in the purchase Handmade edition, it's available from here.


If you're interested in the purchase Normal edition, it's available from here.


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