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Changjiang, Yangtze River
Changjiang, Yangtze River

I was watching a Chinese movie on a summer afternoon.


In the theatre, there were several guys at the last day-show. The story was going silently on the glimmering screen.

Although I could hear someone got the big snore from the right-hand seat, I pretended to be calm.


“Changjiang elegy”


With the movie title, the screen was getting dark to the end. As I went out of the theatre, I could see a shabby poster depicting a scene of the movie.


“Nations both close geographically and distant politically.”

All of a sudden this reminded me back when I heard about China for the first time in the elementary school.


After watching the movie I thought of the story that’s about a village along Changjiang getting to vanish under the government policy, Sansha dam (Three Georges dam) project. 


A few months later, I took a ferry ticket from Osaka to Shanghai.


This story is about my private diary when I went up toward the source of a big-Chinese river, Changjiang from Shanghai to Tibet seeing the process for how I had understood them.