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Composition /組成

These are the previously mentioned war-wounded trees in the three Joto wards of Sumida, Taito, and Koto photographed and reconstructed in a different way. The main part of the photos was taken with a 3D camera, which is a camera used for 3D printers. The object photographed with the 3D camera can be broken down into a white skeleton structure and countless color photographs wrapped around it. I printed them out on an ordinary printer, and then cut out random pieces of the puzzle with scissors or a cutter and reattached them to the skeleton image. The first half of the work is the result of the pasting process, while the second half is a collection of the countless pieces of color photographs that made up the tree before the pasting process, in order of size.

This work, including the process of pasting, signifies the "reconstruction of memory" and the "current state of memory”

To be more specific, these war-wounded trees were recognized as "traces of air raids" for a while after the air raids. However, as the years passed and the shape of the city of Tokyo changed, this fact was forgotten and unrecognized. Trees are no longer broadly distinguished from ordinary street trees or other trees planted in parks unless there is a special explanation. In light of this, I decided to express the "current state of memory" using those trees. For example, if the recognition of the tree immediately after the March 10, 1945 air raid was 100%, the current recognition level is close to 0%. In other words, we can say that the trees do not constitute the image from the standpoint of memory. Even if we reconstruct a tree whose current state of memory has already collapsed, the resulting image is a product of the distortion of the puzzle. I feel that these trees are more distorted than the memories of individuals and that they may provide a glimpse of the memories of that time, if only a little, rather than the shape of the city, Tokyo, which represents the larger hidden memory of the air raids.








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