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Survivor /空襲体験者

From the perspective of "individual memories," I interviewed survivors of the Tokyo Air Raid who are still alive today. The first three questions I asked were where they were living on the night of the air raid, how they evacuated from there, and where they finally took refuge.

Second, I asked them to tell us about their personal memories of the prewar, wartime, and postwar periods. After these interviews, I took them to the places where they had actually been and visited with them on the night of the air raid. As a result, some of them could not find the location of their parents' home. On the other hand, other memories that I had not heard in the interviews suddenly came back to them as they walked through the area. The goal was to observe how personal memories change over time, what brought about these changes, and what places are important to individuals, regardless of their level of consciousness or unconsciousness, through the fieldwork.


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